Not happy with capacity or effectivity?

Improve your turnaround times and the strain on personnel and machines

Sound familiar?

You cannot always satisfy customer orders on time?

You want to reduce turnaround times, but do not know how?

The simple solution: The Production Planning and Control Model from PerFact

Keep your delivery promises. Optimum relief of resources with PerFact::PPC.

PerFact has the solution!

  • Simple, intuitive production planning
  • Multi-level release processes
  • Control of production through performance logging
  • Integration of the ERP system via interfaces
  • Overview of material availabilities
  • Visualisation of control stations and status messages

Efficient production planning with PerFact::PPC.

The PerFact Production Planner provides:

  • Transparent operating data acquisition
  • Overview of work progress
  • Material availability
  • Manufacturing and scheduling control station
  • Delegation of work steps to workstations

How it works:

  • Transmission of the production orders from the ERP system into the PerFact system via intelligent interfaces.

  • Based on the current production orders, work packages are generated and delegated.

  • Multi-level prioritisation and release of the work packages to machine groups and machine level.

  • Based on the prioritised overview, every machine operator receives a daily worklist for his machine. Individual work process are reported back fully or in part in real time.

  • Transfer of the production feedback report into the ERP system.

  • Automated archiving and evaluation of all production feedback reports. Calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs). Intuitive overview and research of production progress with filtering and sorting options.

Added value for you:

  • Established standard for order planning and processing
  • Paperless transfers and issue posting
  • Mobile access from anywhere
  • Real-time transactions
  • Guided process instructions
  • Easy handling
  • Multi-language and self-explanatory